Carry out Google Scholar searches separately for ibuprofen, Motrin and levibuprofen. and answer the following questions:

1. How many hits do you get from each?
2. Ibuprofen and Motrin are identical. Why do we get different hit rates for these two searches?
3. How might we help solve the problem in (ii) without needing to convert names to chemical structures?
4. Why might using structure-based representations be a better solution that the answer you gave in (iii)?
5. Levibuprofen is highly similar to ibuprofen. If we did a similarity search with levibuprofen as a query on compound structures extracted from the literature, we would probably also return hits for Ibuprofen. When do you think this kind of inclusion might be helpful, and when might it not be helpful
6. Give an instance when the co-occurence of a compound and a gene name in a paragraph might NOT imply any kind of connection between them
7. Repeat the search using PubMed. Why do you think it might work better than Google Scholar?