FINAL EXAM (each worth 10%)

1. Pick one of the topics we have covered (as defined by a single wiki page). (a) Briefly summarize (in a paragraph) the state of the art of the field in this area, including what methods are used, what the best practices are, challenges and problems with current methods; (b) select three recent journal papers in this area, and summarize their contribution to the field (a few sentences each).

2. Pick one recent journal article (may be one of the ones you picked for 1.) and write a detailed review for the cheminformatics journal club blog ( You may need a login - if so, send me an email asking for one. You may select a cheminformatics journal, or a cheminformatics related paper from a journal in a related field.

3. Open notebook science. Watch this video on Open Notebook Science . What impact do you think ONS could have on cheminformatics? And what impact could cheminformatics have on ONS? What do you think are the barriers to adoption of ONS? What cheminformatics tools do you think are going to be the most useful?